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Asthma Assessment

The Asthma Awareness Program in Pharmacy. We are partnering with the Woolcock Institute to conduct an asthma awareness program in pharmacies. The goal is to help understand the prevalence of undiagnosed severe asthma in the community.

Asthma Inhaler

The Institute created a protocol based on the 5 ACQs (Asthma Control Questionnaire). It uses pharmacy dispensing data to identify patients who have used asthma medication in the last 12 months. These patients receive automated text messages asking them to complete the 5 ACQ questions.

Responses are collected electronically. Patients identified as having potentially severe, uncontrolled asthma receive an automated GP referral via text. Our target is 400 patients who complete the questionnaire.

The program will provide valuable asthma prevalence data to the Woolcock Institute quickly and cost-effectively. It engages patients in their health by prompting self-assessment and referral when needed. 

Act Now
By leveraging existing pharmacy dispensing data and automated digital communications, this asthma awareness program can screen a large patient population and streamline the referral process. It demonstrates the potential for pharmacist-led clinical interventions to improve health outcomes using digital tools.

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