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Our Health Solutions

Welcome to our Health Solutions Page. This is where we present examples of our latest healthcare innovations and advanced technology solutions. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to develop and deliver solutions that meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals and patients. Explore our projects and learn more about the impactful healthcare solutions we have created.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes



Patient Management

By identifying patients who have filled prescriptions for diabetes medications, we offer advice on diet, exercise and health management to ensure patients manage their diabetes and stay engaged in their health.




By asking patients who have recently filled a prescription for asthma medication the 5 ACQs, we could determine the prevalence of severe asthma in the community and recommend patients see their GP for further assessment.

A doctor telling patients how to use an asthma inhaler
Senior Physiotherapy


Bone Health Management

Our Bone Health recommendation engine is designed to optimise osteoporosis care. We harness advanced technology to communicate proactively with patients about their medication and supplementation, providing efficient and personalised solutions for osteoporosis management.


Immunisation Solutions

Send all eligible patients their vaccine recommendations, book them in, complete a pre-assessment and log vaccines to AIR, all from one platform.

Vaccinating A Child
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