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Accelerate Your Patient Engagement with reCare

Our Digital Services

If you're looking for a complete clinical solution, you've just found it.

EarlyCare: your digital companion for patient consults

At reCare, we understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to healthcare. That's why we offer a platform that provides full scope treatment with pre-issued standing orders for a variety of ailments. Our system is designed to help pharmacies expand their service scope and offer treatment options to patients that may not have been available to them before. With our standardized protocols, extensive training program, and certification process, we ensure that your pharmacy is well-equipped to offer medication and treatment under standing orders to better serve the community.

Your Medical Artificial Intelligence Assistant (MAIA)

reCare is the leading the way for pharmacists, specially designed to make patient case review a breeze. Our expertly trained AI assistant is dedicated to provide you with insightful reports on complex cases, so you can make informed decisions that benefit your patients. With just one click on your AppBar, you will be amazed by our assessment, presented as concise summaries for the busy provider. Contact us today to learn more.

reEngage: to reach patients at the right time with the right message

With reCare, pharmacies can take customer engagement to the next level. Our software is designed to help pharmacies connect with their customers through automated email and SMS marketing campaigns. Our software is filtered on target populations and comes with a variety of pre-set templates to choose from, making it easy for pharmacies to communicate effectively with their customers. We can assist in welcoming new customers, re-engaging lost customers, promoting clinical services, and collecting important information.

nudge: your prompt for pharmacists and patients

At reCare, we understand the importance of patient care and building a strong relationship with your patients. That's why we offer a unique SMS or email content service that notifies your patients when a new prescription contains a medicine that is new for them - automatically. This service is customised with your pharmacy branding and offers a clinical touch to your patient care. It can also help you position your pharmacy as a caring and professional clinical services provider and retain your high-value patients. Contact us today to learn more!

reStore & rePay: integrated eCommerce linked to patient preferences

At reCare, we understand the importance of offering a seamless online shopping experience for pharmacies. We have created an automated online retail store that can be created with just a click of a button. With each electronic prescription, pharmacies can offer online retail products that are prioritised based on previous purchases and the patient's profile. Our platform is updated daily with prices from your stock on hand, and stock images are automatically created to showcase your products.

reScript Consolidated Rx Inbox

With reScript Consolidated Rx Inbox, managing your pharmacy scripts has never been easier. Consolidate all your prescriptions into one place with one workflow, auto print incoming prescriptions, and import straight into your dispensing software. Our unique feature allows you the option to stamp prescriptions with nudges or QR codes to send a ready-pickup SMS notification to patients. You can also search for any prescription content and attach notes to scripts. Simplify your pharmacy workflow with reScript.

Pharmacy Counter

Integrates with Your Healthcare Ecosystem

Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your healthcare ecosystem, so you can easily incorporate it into your operations without any disruption. With reCare, you can improve your healthcare data analytics and provide better patient care.

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